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About NDR

Never Dead Riders' (NDR) was formed in Monument, Colorado in January of 2022. We are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts with members who live both north and south of Monument, CO. NDR enjoys a schedule of carefully planned and coordinated rides throughout the riding season, as well  as events all year long. We are a family of riders who love our motorcycles! We enjoy riding and social events with those who share the same passion for the open road, on two or three wheels. Most of NDR ride a Harley Davidson or an Indian Motorcycle.  We welcome all bikes, as long as your bike can keep up the pace.  We invite you to join us for a meeting and a ride.  Hope to see you! Contact us for additional information. 


Feb 4th 1st Ride 2023

After a multi-week stint of cold weather, a few of us were able to get out for some wind therapy.  We enjoyed a southern-route ride to Pueblo and Florence.  We have new members, Aaron and Josh - Welcome!  There is a KILLER ride schedule starting this Spring to include rides to west Texas, Sturgis, the West Slope and Steamboat Springs.

April 9th 2022 First Ride!

Yak's Motorcycle Shop in Monument, CO documented our 1st ride!  C'mon, what riding group has an awesome mechanic on the trip? It was a great ride! Having 12 bikes wasn't bad, for a first run.  Our membership is growing and we invite you to join too! Let's ROLL!

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